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NO ones fuckin online. i'm bored outta my skull. kari wrote backOMG. my head is throbbing. i'm readin evryonesjournals about how they hink their ugly. i am so boat with yall. i feel ugly. i can never get the look i go for. i see karin and everyone else all caught up in love triangles. you don't know how lucky u are. i'm stapled to a boring , off limits guy, who treats me likeshit. perfect. :( none of my things work out. like rob. rob mulligan and i were really talkin and he cut it off cuz age. fuck age!!!!! it's ridiculos. then he drives the knife further by asking me if i had any friends. fuck him, fuck me. fuck men. fuck my ugly face. i don't need em. i wish i could get somethingnew..... and hot... like jeff meyers. :drool: hunk. it'll never happen. i'll forever be a failure depressed, lonely cutter.
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