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why me....

why does everything happen to me? let's start at the begining of the day. actually it started last night... Rob calledme and he was rel happyand cool. He said the age difference isn't bothering him as much and there's a chance that we could go out. i was ecstatic. i like him so much. he says that he's really starting to like me more and more. but today me, crystal, haley, david, and jp went into einstein's. jp bought me breadsticks and stuff and we were eating lemons and sugar. when we were in line though jane came in and she said that she talked to him about the age difference. a while back ago rob was like stalking jane and he asked her to prom (which he lied about and denied). he's a fucking hipocrit.but we went and put our stuff down in ms.youngs room and rob was in there. ashley was at einstein's too, and she announced that karin was being held for questoning. btw, andreas also got aressted which is total BULLSHIT! but we walked back to einstein cuz we had time to blow. rob came in and was all cute and nice, but he is so quiet and unopened. he told crystal that he likes me but the age thing is still an issue with him. one minute he's cool, and then it's a problem... can you say hot and cold??? i'm ready to just leave him alone. But anyways jp and i walked around, i found out he's into me and heather neely has a big problem with me. apparently i went out with some one named robert and cheated on him. FIrst of all i've never gone out with anyone named Robert and i've never cheated on any of my boyfriends and never could, i'm not that indecisive. i don't have the heart to do that to anyone. Then David, a guy i've know, but really only met like 2 days ago wants to ask me out. i don't wannea go out with him, i hardly know him, and he's not all that cute. jp is sweet, but i like him as a friend. what is wrong with me? the guy i like hates me and the guy that does like me is a friend. i wanna go a sexual. i can't ever what i want. i don't know what i'm gonna do. fuck everyone, i wanna crawl in a hole and die. goodbye .: spits upon world:
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