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harmful emotions...

God everything has to get dragged out. John was riding his bike when i was on my way home from the bus stop. he gave me this note and it was all " i love you and blah blah blah". read the comment he wrote below in the old entry. He called last night asking for all his shit back. i'm gladly giving it back as long as it keeps him outta my life. it hurts too much to see him with all of his stalker-esk qualities. he says i don't love him, but who the fuck is he to try and get into my head?? he needs to realize i'm better off without him. everythings improved even though this week has been really weird. my grades are improving, guys are so-so, and i'm not having to stress over him. i feel strange. crystal's been helping me alot. she wants to grow up to be a psychiatrist, and you can tell. she doesn't sugar coat things or lie, she tells it how it is and it helps, big time. i love her so much. she's great. you really can confide in her.i wanna party, but i won't .well.. ttfn

ps: Tuesday is nation SMOKE POT DAY!!!!!!
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