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Social contact in 8 days!

What the fuck! i just read on abbys lj, that chaun was kicked out! WTF! i'm so lost , i don't know a single thing thats going on with friends anymore. and as happy as i am about going back to school,(god that sounds nerdy), i am reluctant to hear all the fun things people did over summer.

woke up bad this morning, mom was yelling about everything, cuz there was this milk that went bad and i took it out of the fridge and hadn't poured it out yet. i have 15 minutes to get dressed and ready for the day and she's yelling about the milk jug. i had zero time. she told me this was the year to prove myself and if i don't skip, make the grade and do my work around the house, junior year i'll be home free. i know i can do this and i'm going to do this. but this morning she made this lame comment of, "i can already tell your not going to do well this school year". that made me cry. I've been behaved for awhile now, and she's goinna say that b.s over the milk jug. hell yeah i was going to be a little snotty, when i'm doing all this stuff at one time. i know i've fucked up in the past, but still, if she wants me to do better, i need encouragment, not degrading things like what she says. just movin on.

well i saw Jelly on sunday. i was at my aunts house for alisons birthday party, and jelly rolled down lasalle on her bike,sporting a lovely helmet. lol. i miss you kellbell!

i am babysitter extrodinaire! shannon watches salara( afriends kid) and raylea(my cousin). And of course i help her with all the i'm a pro now.

well i'm pretty ok now, i'm hanging in, actually not even hanging i'm standing firm. things are going good, xcept this morning's incident.

mucho love to everyone.
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