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days fly by.....

Damn... so tired, so much to do stiil. Endless homework, endless chores, so much i want to do but no time. You know what... i wish i could make a deal with "god" that if he ends the need for sleep in humans.... he can take the number of years of for how much time i was supposed to sleep. hmmmm. i don't know if that makes sense... but WTF anyway.
I've determined that there are only a select few of truly beautiful people anymore, it feels as if in the last few weeks or so i've been seeing peoples true colors.... some crayola.... some store brand. You really don't know who your friends are until you have problems... and need advice... then they aren't there for you.
What a horrible species we are......
I am so fuckin sick of school and the people in it... I mean AVERYONE... is ignorant. At least 30 people i come in contact with on a daily basis, i stop and think, "What a Dumb ASSSS!" i mean my whole biology class, at least 2/3s of my French ( MaryJane can vouch for this), and the drama in Theatre is outrageous!!!
i wish that stupid class would buck up and enjoy theatre class instead of bringing personal vendettas in leave it at the GD door.
Everyone judges me so harshly, people who don't even know me.
Fuck em, fuck em all.
"you go to hell, you go to hell and you die."

on a happier hand my friendships still in tact are holding fast... it's perhaps the only thing that gets me through the day. It funny contact by anyone who i am slipping from, really irks me... gets under my skin..i will seriously be grossed out at the sight of someone.
(so much for a happy tone.) This gloomy weather sn't helping me either.

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