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mind's all aboggle

wow. todays been.... odd. i woke up around 1:30 this afternoon but it was strange. i don't know why. but i was really depressed. I took a shower and when i got out i mom was bitchin about water on the floor, and she didn'teven give me a chance to clean it up. She never gives me chances. I don't deserve any though i guess... after all the shit i've put her through. we walked up to linwood square and rented some movies, The Core and Gothika. went to macdonalds and i feel like a cow now, cuz i ate alot. mom was yellin at erika cuz of this missing phone cord. she needs to get over it. i am so empty right now. erika's kinda worried and it's got me thinkin. Rob isn't gonna be at school for 2 days. thank god. i really don't wanna talk to him again. he reallyinsulted me with this whole age thing. it's a fuckin three year difference. He's too concerned about how ppl think of him. matthew is over rated, he and i will never be together so i might as well stop dreamin. john's gone for good i'm guessing (althoughthat's for the better.) I think andreas is cute, and who ever reads this don't take it the wrong way. but he's a fucking perv, player, and one big infatuation, and i think itwould be good if all of woman kind stayed away from him. so, i atand back and watch everyone mess with Dan, and Andreas, and all of crystal and ashley's little affairs. everyone is sortta an open book to me and i like that cuz ppl think they can open up to me, but it hurts hearing about everyone else's love life while i'm stuck in the mud. i kinda burns my tast. why do i have to be so selfish????

i hate these emotions. why do i have to feel. and i feel like i'm never gonna even talk to another guy again......::sigh::...i need a kiss.
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