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life's a stage....

well, i shall update you even tho evry one already knows...
i won best dance line, at ripples, Paul YOung ( super hot... i like), took me to tom's house for a party,we smoked, i got there and KArin a=gave me a beer, met up with Boarder. We made out and shit. But i went out with chris. I honest to god regret doing that with Boarder now. I still like him but he's a man ho, what can ya do? Chris found out, but took me back lovingly. I love happy endings don't you? (beat) I am getting caught up at school .I had a piece of shit b-day no thanks to my mom.. thats a story for another day tho.... Paul throwing a party tonight, i really wanna go but i don't have a way there. :( oh well. Mom prolly wouldn't let me go ne way. i had my party it was fun, we're sposed to go to greenwood tomorrow but mom still has my 30 bucks, i won't have enough to get my etnies.:(( < double frown. lol. I have a bad feeling tonight. I'm scared chaun's gonna drive home with Abe wasted. I love my Chaun, i hope he's ok. I've been having weird dreams about Paul, but i don't know him that well. I hope it quits, i am quite content with Chris (when he's actually in town.) He's so adorible, he's my little Scott stapp, ( fyi: lead singer of creed), well gotta go
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