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All is fair in love and war is total bullshit

Nothing is fair in love and war. i have done nothing to the little prick... aka john, and he's attacking john left and right not to mention myself! My face is still tender to the touch wear that asshole punched me!! i hate him. yes, hate is a strong word but in this case it is the only appropriate word to describe the passion of this dislike. he will pay! mwahhahahahahaha!

I'm really worried about Christy, hell crystal too. They skip like all morning up until lunch, and I wish she would take my advice not to skip. i know i am no one to preach being i did that last year, but i know the consequences, i know the reprocutions and i know how much damage and hell it can bring you. i know i sound hipocritical but this is an every day thing for her. Now's not the time to be cutting school anyway. There was a report on the news for christ sakes about how police are scanning all around the school zones looking for skipper's, they have already made plenty of arrests. PLEASE, MY FRIENDS WHO SKIP, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!

Schools ok. i enjoy my classes and blah blah blah. i still feel i'm the last to know EVERYTHING! and it's usually true. but all in all it's ok.

i'm really missing my social afterschool life though. I got the worst fucking thing said to me. I"m submissive. MJ told me that when we were talking about how fucked up our lives are and how crazy our moms are. I know me and my mom don't have the best relationship, but all in all i'm trying to get back on the right track and i'm trying to respect her rules. MJ gets away with everything!! or at least slide out of it. well i can't lie worht a shite and i can't get away with hardly anything. But i don't want to get away with everything, cuz i try to do good and i think submissive is a little bit harsh. butt i love MJ and i respect her honesty.

well all is well in the kingdom.
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